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Our taxi service - has been popular for over 50 years.

The most modern taxi is there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We offer for travel as well as luggage service in the Langenthal region.

Clean transport vehicles - modern, comfortable limousines and minivans.
Handicapped vehicles for wheelchair users.
Professional and polite drivers.
Toyota rius Taxi Service-Langenthal
Our vehicle fleet
Limo Rental
Taxi Service
Toyota Prius
  Seating (without chauffeur): 6
  Baggage: 6
  Carry-on baggage: 6
Limo Rental
Wheelchair taxi
Volkswagen Caddy
  Seating (without chauffeur): 4
  Baggage: 4
  Carry-on baggage: 4
Peugeot expert bahnhof taxi
Taxi - Minibus
Peugeot Expert
  Seating (without chauffeur): 8
  Baggage: 8
  Carry-on baggage: 8
Peugeot Expert with Leather Bahnhof Taxi.png
VIP Liner
Peugeot Expert (mit Lederausstattung)
  Seating (without chauffeur): 8
  Baggage: 8
  Carry-on baggage: 8
Renault Megane Bahnhof Taxi.png
Courier service
Renault Mégane
  Seating (without chauffeur): -
  Baggage: -
  Carry-on baggage: -

Our services

All our high level services are characterized by professionalism, accuracy, punctuality, security and discretion.
All our class cars ensure comfort and exclusivity.
Taxi bahnhof airport transfer
Airport transfer
Are you looking for an airport transfer in Langenthal, Herzogenbuchsee, Huttwil, Oensingen or another village? We look forward to you getting in touch with us.
Taxi Bahbhof Langenthal
Taxi service
We are your partner for all taxi services. We are flexible and quickly available through our own taxicenter and our large fleet of vehicles.
Rollstuhltaxi Bahnhof Langenthal
Wheelchair transport
Disabled people, wheelchair users and transports of patients in Langenthal and all over Switzerland.
Welcome to the Langenthal Taxi Bahnhof Wheelchair service.
Kurierdienst Bahnhof Langenthal
Courier service
In addition to our taxi services, we also provide a courier service to ensure that your important parcels, documentations and express deliveries are delivered to your desired address.
VIP Taxi service Bahnhof Langenthal
VIP Service
Luxurious and stylish travel with the limousine service from Langenthal Taxi Bahnhof. We offer our customers more comfort and service.
Minibus Bahnhof Langenthal
Whether it is day trips, group trips, corporate travel, weddings, shuttle services, customer incentives, cultural trips, events, or other excursions.
Our Top destinations
  • Langenthal Zurich Taxi Service
    The city of Zurich, a global center for banking and finance
  • Langenthal Saint Moritz Taxi Service
    Saint Moritz
    St. Moritz is a luxury alpine resort town in Switzerland’s Engadin valley
  • Langenthal Davos Taxi Service
    Popular ski resort with a conference center that hosts the annual WEF.
  • Langenthal Bern Taxi Service
    The capital city of Switzerland, it traces its origins back to the 12th century
  • Langenthal Zermatt Taxi Service
    Zermatt is a mountain resort renowned for skiing, climbing and hiking
Others said about us
"It has been a pleasure to be associated with your company over the years. It is now three years since we began using your taxi service and we remain impressed to this day. We have never looked back, our senior management, sales team, marketing department and anyone who has ever traveled with you has only had words of praise. Taxi Bahnhof we love your work! Thank you"
Manuel Leuthold
"I would like to extend my thanks to your entire team. My staff and I really appreciate your responsiveness and attention to detail. You provide one of the finest services in the industry and we could not be happier. You continuously manage to exceed our expectations and it’s just so comforting for myself and the team here to be able to rely on Taxi Bahnhof, month after month!"
David Zwiefelhofer
Taxi Bahnhof Handicapped persons
Our strengths
Taxi service Langenthal
Modern vehicle
You can find a large variety of different vehicle models depending on the occasion.
Taxirollstuhl Swiss
Also on offer: Courier service
Whether that requirement is urgent or not, we are committed to providing the right solution.
Airport transfer Zurich
Reliability & punctuality
Maximum comfort, reliability and precision. Trust us for your business appointments.
Curier service Swiss
Well trained drivers
Our chauffeurs are always at your disposal and no work is too big or too small for them.
Wheelchair taxi
Wheelchair service Taxi Bahnhof is your contact for disabled persons, wheelchair users and transports of patients in Langenthal, Canton Berne or all of Switzerland.
We also offer long-distance journeys across Europe!
We have kept you mobile for over 50 years and bring you to your daily contact points.
From shopping, to the doctor, to work, to school, etc. and if you wish to go to your holiday resort and back again, contact us!
Handicap Taxi Langenthal
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